Feeling fit is a big everyday present. Becoming ‘FitterOlder’ is a great gift.

Everyone can become physically and mentally fitter. Fit people usually feel happier and they often live longer.

This collaborative platform shares many different ways to become ‘FitterOlder’. Our multidisciplinary team wants as many people as possible to benefit from old and recent strategies. We use artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and generate useful information.

Learning and sharing are our goals. We have no profit motive. Donations from private individuals and companies are invested to grow this collaboration platform. Criticism and suggestions are appreciated and answered: info@fitterolder.com. For your privacy, emails and responses are deleted immediately after response. We don’t store anything and we don’t share anything.

Providing careful insight into this broad and sometimes difficult subject is not possible in a few words and images. An important reason for careful explanation is also that this ‘webbook’ is intended for everyone, from young to old. If you do not like reading, ask Google assistant: Read this website out loud.

More than 2,500 years ago, these exercises were already being done in monasteries in Tibet to stay strong and activate energy. They were also called rejuvenation rituals. ‘FitterOlder’ high in the Himalayas. Consult YouTube for instructional videos and explanations. We hear only positive reports about the effect on flexibility, strength, balance and particularly energy. Also from people over 80.

Different strategies on getting ‘FitterOlder’

For thousands of years, the average age was around 30 years. The sharp increase towards over 80 years only started around 1900. On average, people have become almost three times older and a lot fitter in a short period of time. Unfortunately, many people still struggle unnecessarily with their physical and mental health due to a lack of the right information and wrong choices.

There are several huge problems to be solved in the coming years. Those solutions can only come from people. If things improve because more people become ‘FitterOlder’, then this collaboration platform has made a contribution both individually and for the world.

We think the best way to work on your mental and physical fitness is to first better understand who we are as a human species and who you are yourself. That you first understand the world and yourself better, but above all accept it, so that you can start working with motivation based on that understanding.

This collaboration platform mainly opts for practically usable methods that have already proven their usefulness. Partly thanks to AI and increasing scientific research, we regularly add new insights and strategies. Below is a brief overview of the areas in which you can work on becoming a ‘FitterOlder’. Each area is elaborated on separate web pages and continually supplemented. Think along: info@fitterolder.com.

History of humanity

Insight into our origins is very helpful in making the right choices more easily. Lucy appears to have been one of the first hominids more than 3 million years ago. From Africa, humans spread all over the world. Western people have been given a light skin color to be able to produce enough vitamin D to survive with little sun.

Today’s humans not only live three times older, but also know much more about the world than their predecessors. They had no idea how the universe came into existence or what the causes of major events were. Wars, natural disasters, diseases and famines alternated. People all over the world tried to avert disaster by appeasing the evil gods. Lack of understanding and fear caused people to cling to religions and rituals in all different cultures.

Modern man knows quite accurately when the sun has burned out and that our earth is therefore a temporary planet that threatens to heat up far too quickly in the short term, with enormous climate consequences. These consequences will make parts unliveable, affect biodiversity and trigger enormous migration flows. In a short time, the world population has grown from 1 to 8 billion people. This also poses enormous challenges in the field of food and drinking water.

In this age of artificial intelligence (AI), computers help us understand the world based on factual information that can be extracted from global data at enormous speed. We now know when and how the universe came into being. A universe that is expanding ever faster. No spaceship can compete with that in terms of speed.

Modern man has made enormous progress in terms of age, health and knowledge, but still faces many uncertainties and threats. We now know a lot more, but we have also learned that as individuals we know relatively little. Particularly through education, the internet and AI, we now know that we have enormous collective knowledge and that we can use that knowledge through collaboration to solve small and large problems.

Fortunately, a new generation of people has emerged who know and accept that the Earth is a temporary small planet in an unimaginably large universe where life has emerged due to a combination of circumstances. Life that through evolution has produced a mammal that is unique in that it can not only communicate with others of its kind at a very high level, but also talk to itself. The thinking person who creates his world with his thoughts and who creates and shares stories.

In short: today’s people also live in a threatening world in which becoming mentally and physically ‘FitterOlder’ is a major challenge. This is also evident from the high percentages of young people who suffer from psychological discomfort and the many people who are overweight.

Humanity still struggles with ‘Who are we?’, ‘Why is our stay on earth temporary?’ and ‘Who am I and why am I alive?’. Fortunately, our knowledge about our origins is increasing and facts from the study of evolution and human behavior provide guidance to deal with our new reality less anxiously.

It is also positive that old and new generations are working together all over the world to make the world a better place. Involved people who consciously live, eat, exercise and develop themselves. Who accept life and the facts about our universe and origins as they are.

People who work together to solve large and small problems and make smart use of new discoveries and possibilities. The new human beings who believe in themselves, in cooperation and in progress. Who are happy and healthy because they make conscious and wise choices for themselves and for others, with the aim of creating a better world for everyone.

How to become FitterOlder?

The answer is simple. By working on your mental fitness and becoming physically fitter. Mental fitness cannot be seen separately from your physical fitness. Remember the saying ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body.’ Sports and nutrition have a major influence on both. In short, everything is connected. However, it is much more convenient for visitors to our platform if the practical tips and exercises are shown per category.

We have already made it clear that we know much more than our predecessors about the origins of the universe and the evolution of the human species. We also know much more about how we think, feel and act and how we influence this. More and more modern people see that despite the threats and problems, they can have a meaningful life by working with others to solve the problems. These people understand that fear is a bad counselor and that putting things outside of yourself and believing in conspiracy theories, for leads to nothing.

Accepting things stoically and letting go of fear and control, in combination with being positive with yourself and others, brings you much more than getting stuck in beliefs and uncritically believing in the stories of others. Choosing healthy food and exercise also brings much more than fast food and hanging in front of the TV or spending hours on your phone.

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Mental fitness

At a time when the stack of self-help books is becoming sky-high, selecting responsible and useful suggestions is not easy. A useful starting point is to start from people’s basic needs and then make the right choices to meet those deep needs. Every person wants to feel heard and seen. People want to belong to a group. Without connection with others, a person deteriorates.

Learning, growing and developing are also natural needs, just like being valued and giving and receiving love. Being there for others is also a social need.

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Physical fitness

De vijf Tibetaanse oefeningen op de startpagina …


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‘Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.’ Hippocrates, 400 BC.

A Mediterranean diet of nuts, seafood, whole grains and vegetables could lower the risk of dementia by almost a quarter, according to promising early research that could pave the way for new preventive treatments.

The data suggests eating lots of plant-based foods may have a “protective effect” against dementia, regardless of a person’s genetic risk, which the researchers said could form the basis for future public health strategies if further research confirms their findings.

Joint lead author of the study Dr Janice Ranson, a senior research fellow at the University of Exeter, said: “The findings from this large population-based study underscore the long-term brain health benefits of consuming a Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats.

“It’s long been known that eating Mediterranean-style is good for your heart, but it’s encouraging to see programmes like this lower the risk of death and heart attacks in patients already at risk of cardiovascular disease,” said Tracy Parker, a senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, which was not involved in the study.

“Whether you are at risk or not, a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet like the Mediterranean-style diet can help you to lower your risk of developing heart and circulatory diseases,” she said. “The risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are also reduced with a Mediterranean diet.
“It’s easy to do – make sure you are eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, beans, lentils, whole grains, fish, nuts and seeds, along with some low-fat dairy and fat from unsaturated sources like olive oil. It’s also important to eat less processed meat, salt and sweet treats.”

You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment is based on an 8-week study conducted by Stanford University that put 22 sets of genetically identical twins on opposing healthy diets: omnivore and vegan. According to the leader of the study, Christopher D. Gardner, the twins on the vegan diet had “a 10% to 15% drop in LDL cholesterol, a 25% drop in insulin, and a 3% drop in body weight in just eight weeks.” They also saw an increase in their life expectancy; reduced visceral fat (the dangerous fat that accumulates around your organs); reduced risk of heart disease; and even a heightened sexual drive.

Less meat, poultry and fish also leads to much less animal suffering and is very good for the climate and our environment.

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Other strategies to become ‘FitterOlder’

Generatieve AI

Bio hacking

Arrange your possessions and your money in such a way that they do not consume you.

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Stoic approach

„Do not fear death, for as long as we are there death is not there and when death is there we are no more.”


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